Worldbuilding from a Character-Driven Perspective – Master Class

Want to take a master class on worldbuilding with me? I’m teaching one this coming Sunday, July 25! I’ll be teaching stuff like in this post, and giving one on one feedback. Come hang out!

Worldbuilding from a Character-Driven Perspective
Presented by: Jeffe Kennedy

Date: July 25th, 2021 – 11:00am – 5:00pm MT (aka – 1:00pm – 7:00pm EST)

Fee: OIRW Member $25| Non-Member $35


Course Description:

Worldbuilding isn’t just for fantasy authors. Every genre requires that the world of that particular story be groomed and refined to support the story without bogging it down. Knowing how to create a convincingly realistic world and then how to pare away unnecessary explanation is an important acquired skill for any author. And one way to discover this perfect balance is to go at the problem from a character-driven perspective.

In this Master class, rather than starting with worldbuilding, we’ll start with character—and then build a world to maximize the character arc. Whether you write in a speculative fiction genre—like fantasy, science fiction or paranormal—or something else entirely, this class will teach you how to choose setting, magic or tech systems, history of that world and the social dynamics that drive it. You’ll learn how to choose relevant details, how to discard others, and how to drop hints that are sufficient to immerse the reader in the world without drowning them.

Over the course of this day-long online class, we’ll explore worldbuilding from a character-driven perspective, break for writing and brainstorming exercises, then return for discussion. Then we’ll add to your knowledge and repeat that cycle. At the end of the day, you should have a fleshed-out world for your story, and a feel for when and how to provide information to the reader.

Using the MICE Tool to Find Where the Story Begins

This week at the SFF Seven, we’re asking each other which MICE quotient we usually start with in a story. Come on over to learn what the MICE tool is and how it can help to structure stories of all lengths. 


So, I woke up this morning to the nicest note via Instagram private message. There’s a screenshot above, but the text says:

Just wanted to drop you a note & say how much I appreciate you & your writing! I discovered your books a few months ago via an Amazon recommendation & have devoured 15+ books since then. What I especially appreciate is that you write/publish books consistently while maintaining quality (obsession-inducing) writing. I am reading Dark wizard now & just purchased Bright Familiar. Thank you for doing what you do! 🙌🏻

Isn’t that lovely? It’s especially meaningful because I sometimes get the sideways snarky comments implying that my books must be lower quality because I write fast. To be fair, these remarks come from other authors, not readers. Most of the time I can shrug it off – we all get jealous of other writers, we’re human – but when someone uses the phrase “churn books out” like I’m running a widget factory, it sets my teeth on edge. So to have a new reader specifically praise my consistency and quality? Well, it means a great deal. I needed to hear that today!

In other news, I’m publishing a book on Kindle Vella! This is a new program of Amazon’s – their attempt to glom the Radish market – where you can read stories episodically. Mine is an erotic paranormal – along the lines of Petals & Thorns, though slower burn – called WEDDED TO DARKNESS. It’s a Jekyll & Hyde story, gothic and a bit creepy, only sexy! The first three episodes are up, and they’re free. After that, readers pay in coins to read the next episodes. I hope to post a new episode weekly. Maybe on Fridays? We’ll see!