First Cup of Coffee – July 8, 2024

On knife-throwing and yoga – and why the process is the most important part, not the goal. Also, “rules” for submitting to traditional publishing, talent vs. discipline, gardening, and having the bandwidth to take on new projects.

First Cup of Coffee – July 1, 2024

A round-up of my very fun weekend with visiting writers and local ones, our wide-ranging conversations, giving and valuing advice, being a caretaker and having friends care, and also coaching from me at Romancing the Vote!

First Cup of Coffee – June 28, 2024

I’m questioning why ANY of you watched the presidential “debate.” On more interesting topics, I’m discussing Romantasy, Paranormal Romance, fantasy worldbuilding vs. vibes, and my ongoing lesson in writing more and faster.

First Cup of Coffee – June 24, 2024

A discussion of the agent taking a querying author’s idea and asking someone else to write it, on ideas in general, and why you still shouldn’t worry about people stealing them. Also, a party at GRRM’s and how even famous writers are still people.

First Cup of Coffee – June 21, 2024

Finally, the cover reveal for RELUCTANT WIZARD, along with the preorder links!! Also, some updates on Darynda Jones and her surgery, and thoughts on the six-figure book deal discourse and why traditional publishing isn’t the enemy.

First Cup of Coffee – June 17, 2024

Updates on edits on NEVER THE ROSES, the ups and downs of maternity leave, women supporting women, the amazing show UNBELIEVABLE that I want you all to watch, and the enduring pain of asking for endorsement quotes.

First Cup of Coffee – June 14, 2024

More cats-will-happen-drama in my life. Also, traditional publishing, why an agent is such a great asset, and how it never gets easier handing edits and critique, and how deciding how/if to incorporate suggestions is a spectrum.