Sarah Younger and Jeffe Kennedy at RWA 2016

At Last: My Big News!

Sarah Younger and Jeffe Kennedy at RWA 2016So, I’ve been making vague remarks about big changes in my writing career life. More than I thought, because a number of people have asked me about it! But there were Reasons I couldn’t say until today.


I’m moving to a new agent and agency!

As of today I’ll be represented by Sarah Younger of the Nancy Yost Literary Agency. I’m super excited about this move. Sarah just celebrated her 80th deal (which just happened to be a fabulous one for my wonderful friend, Grace Draven). She’s also just a lovely person all around – and not just because she loves my books! Here’s us at the Harlequin Ball in San Diego last summer (2016), at the RWA annual conference, long before either of us had an inkling we might work together. 

What’s funny is – and you longtime readers will particularly appreciate this – Sarah read and loved PETALS & THORNS way back when I published it under my Jennifer Paris pseudonym. Let me tell you, finding an agent who’s read your books for pleasure is a fantastic feeling. She really groks what I write and I think we’re going to make an amazing team.

So, as of today I’m bidding a fond farewell to Fuse Literary. I notified them and my previous agent, Connor Goldsmith, back at the end of February that I’d be making this change. My agency agreement with Fuse (like many), required a 30-day notice to wind up business with them. I will always appreciate what Fuse and Connor have done for me. Agency partner Laurie McLean really worked hard to find a place for me in the agency after my first agent (Pam Howell) left. (For those who don’t know, an author signs with a literary agency, not an individual agent, so if an agent leaves the agency, the author has the option of following them to the new agency or staying put and working with a new agent.) In the end, I approached Sarah about moving my work in a new direction. I liked what she had to say and was hugely gratified that she offered to represent me when I asked. 

Big changes like this never seem to be easy, even for the person who initiates them. The last month of conversations and logistics have been surprisingly emotional for me. It’s kind of like filing for divorce and planning a wedding to someone new, all in the space of 30 days. 

Plus there was that whole RITA finalist thing in the middle. 

All good things, but – WOW! – I’ll be happy to settle into a steady, quiet routine again. ~fans self with hankie~

So, stay tuned for news. Exciting days ahead!

USA Today, What I’m Working on and the Loch Ness Monster

2014-12-05 06.50.25Yesterday we enjoyed a long, gentle, soaking rain. Which means this morning we awoke to our typically dry high-desert transformed by an ocean of fog. I felt as if I’d been transported to Inverness and was tempted to hike down to Loch Ness and see if I could spot the monsters.

I’m over at USA Today with an interview about THE TWELVE KINGDOMS you might want to check out. And I have a post at the Contemporary Romance Cafe, talking about what I’m working on and how my agent helps me shape that.

Agent? Haz

So, I’m in downtown Atlanta this week – see? – working that day job.

I would make a Sixteen Tons reference, but I’m a numbers jockey and my grandfather died of Black Lung – there’s really no comparison.

But this is a Bright and Shiny Week for me. Because? Yes!

I signed with the agent. The one who chased me down.

(A girl likes to be pursued.)

After talking with the other agents and deliberating with friends. And Thinking. And Comparing. And DELIBERATING. I made my choice last night. I agreed (and announced!) that I would sign with…

Pam van Hylckama Vlieg

Associate Agent with the venerable Larsen Pomada Literary Agents.

What can I say? She wooed me and I couldn’t resist. She loves that I’m the bad girl of sultry romance. It’s good to be loved.

Kisses Pam!