Agent? Haz

So, I’m in downtown Atlanta this week – see? – working that day job.

I would make a Sixteen Tons reference, but I’m a numbers jockey and my grandfather died of Black Lung – there’s really no comparison.

But this is a Bright and Shiny Week for me. Because? Yes!

I signed with the agent. The one who chased me down.

(A girl likes to be pursued.)

After talking with the other agents and deliberating with friends. And Thinking. And Comparing. And DELIBERATING. I made my choice last night. I agreed (and announced!) that I would sign with…

Pam van Hylckama Vlieg

Associate Agent with the venerable Larsen Pomada Literary Agents.

What can I say? She wooed me and I couldn’t resist. She loves that I’m the bad girl of sultry romance. It’s good to be loved.

Kisses Pam!


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