First Cup of Coffee – December 4, 2023

Some pitfalls to watch for in contracts with traditional publishing and literary agencies. Also author finances and taxes, why owning your process doesn’t mean loving it, and why experienced authors find it hard to teach.

First Cup of Coffee – November 20, 2023

Balancing the desire to strive for more and better against the need to recognize how far we’ve already come and having gratitude for what we’ve achieved. Also, the role of serendipity in any creative career.

First Cup of Coffee – November 17, 2023

Some thoughts on starting for the day and how initial wordcount can be slow. Also Anne McCaffrey, dubious and non-consent, and how insightfully she portrays an ossified, patriarchal society. And The Morning Show finale!

First Cup of Coffee – November 13, 2023

I’m back from my Hawaiian Hiatus with thoughts on writer’s conferences, bar-conning, and what conferences serve writers best. Also my amazing trip up the Na Pali coastline which was truly transformative.

First Cup of Coffee – November 3, 2023

How the patriarchy affects book covers, what about book covers makes books sell and other variables with a direct correlation. Also, revision and how I know when it’s time to stop drafting and start revising.

First Cup of Coffee – October 30, 2023

Why do some tasks feel more difficult that others and what makes them easier all of a sudden? Also, reader events and my process for deciding which to attend. And a recommendation for a really great, data-filled podcast!

First Cup of Coffee – October 27, 2023

Battling the proliferation of secondary characters, and why that’s key to shorter works. Shipping Alex and Paul on The Morning Show and ruminations on love and unconditional support.

First Cup of Coffee – October 23, 2023

A great sci-fi movie you’ve never heard of (at least, I hadn’t), why I’m shipping Alex and Paul on The Morning Show, ROGUE FAMILIAR audiobook is now wide, a fabulous giveaway, & giving my books as gifts.