Have Any of My Books from All-Romance Ebooks?

In case you haven’t heard, the retailer All-Romance eBooks is precipitously going out of business, leaving publishers, authors and readers out of pocket. Writer Beware did a terrific summary here. Like many other publishers, I am offering to make good any self-published books of mine you may have bought from ARe and were unable to download before they folded. Simply contact me here through the website and send me the receipt for the book. I’ll replace the copy. 

Fortunately I am not out a great deal of money on this, but I feel for all those affected by ARe’s duplicitous business practices. 

SFWA Bulletin #207

You can buy a print or ecopy of the SFWA Bulletin #207 with my article Romance Tropes for SFF Writers here

Here’s a summary of what’s in the Bulletin:

Editor’s Note – Neil Clarke
From the President – Cat Rambo
Zen in the Art of Short Fiction Titling – John Joseph Adams
Ask N&E: Finding an Assistant – Nancy Holder & Erin Underwood
Writing and the Day Job – Patrice Sarath
Bad Reviews vs. Biased Reviews – Sam J. Miller
Running a Writing Workshop, Part III – Cat Rambo
Diving into SCUBA: Storytelling Basics – Rachel Swirsky
Academic Research for SFF Writers – Alex Dally MacFarlane
Writing Professionals: Geologists – Rachael Acks
Romance Tropes for SFF Writers – Jeffe Kennedy
Market Report: Year’s Best Anthologies – Cynthia Ward


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BirdWoman Is Available!

Low Res
Bird Woman by Jeffe Kennedy

Very excited to announce the release of BIRD WOMAN, a creepy true story about my brush with the paranormal!

I wrote this story some years back and it was published in a literary magazine. I’ve told the story to a few people over the years and thought it would be fun to put out there for you all to read.

Can’t wait to hear your reactions! 

Sex as a Tool for Character Transformation

For those who might be interested, I’m teaching an online writing class … ah, um, next week! Yes, yes, I know my news and posts all month have been about how I’m all nose-to-the-grindstone on this novel. Which I am! But it should done by Monday, January 4, 2016, when the class starts. (Does that date sound like science fiction to anyone else? Could be just me, I get that. But still – 2016!)

Anyhoo, here’s the scoop, and it should be super fun! TLDR: the registration link is here.

Sex as a Tool for Character Transformation

Presented by Jeffe Kennedy
Dates: January 4-15, 2016
Deadline January 4, 2016
Fee: OIRW Member $10
Fee: Non-Member $15

Course Description:

Nothing is worse than the gratuitous sex scene, right? We’ve all been there-skimming the pages to get back to the “interesting” stuff that advances the plot and transforms the characters. But that’s not the sex scene’s fault. It’s the writer’s! Done well, a sex scene, from mild to steamy, should move the story forward and-most importantly-drive a change in the characters.

In this course, students will learn what makes a sex scene sing and what makes one sag. Working with the model of character transformation, the class will lead students through the concepts of sexual taboos and the mental, emotional and spiritual impacts of breaking them. Students will explore the concepts of intimacy and personal barriers and practice tools for using them to move their characters forward on every level. Writers will be able to submit short scenes to the instructor or the group for feedback.