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  1. I did notice the lack of earrings, but forgot to post.

    I only know about the YouTube thing because Lindsay Buroker has been talking about it on her YouTube channel. She’s been having good success posting some of the audiobooks she has the rights to. There aren’t many authors posting their audiobooks there but there is a demand.

    As a viewer/reader I think behind the scenes kind of videos about the actual books/series are fun too. But apparently hers haven’t gotten as many views as the audiobooks.

    1. Heh. No points unless you say so before I do! 😉
      Interesting about Lindsay doing the audiobooks. I’ll have to ask her about it.

  2. I would consider the Covenant of Thorns books to be a bit dark. The silly bits like the unicorn trotting around with the panties in its mouth made the darker parts stand out more for me. Like her training at the hands of the creepy siblings for example. I’m almost done reading my current book so Dark Wizard will be next on the list.

    1. That’s true! The panty-eating unicorn was actually an Easter Egg for an author friend. It probably stands out too much, looking back. And yeah… I wanted the training to be off page and my editor pushed – twice! – for me to write more. I’m kind of sorry I caved. I think they might have been better as flasback glimpses, which had been my original intent.

      1. That’s very interesting about the training scenes. I suppose even editors are not infallible. The unicorn reminded me of the cheesy 80s style Robert Aspirin/Piers Anthony fantasy. The whole carnival atmosphere of the war camp made the horror of a bunch of fairy nobles misusing their powers that much stronger so I actually kind of liked it. 🙂

        1. Heh. That author friend was very influenced by those books, so your radar is accurate. I liked that about the war camp, too, but I can see how it’s an uncomfortable mix for some readers.

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