What It Means to Write Drunk and Edit Sober

Jeffe & David at Angel Fire celebrating 25 years

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! This photo is from a couple of weeks ago, celebrating 25 years with my valentine. Never imagined I’d find someone who is such a wonderful partner for me, or that we’d be together so long. Every day I give thanks for him.

This week’s topic in the Bordello is how our personal vices actually aids in our writing. Stop on by for my take on the adage, “write drunk, edit sober.

Also, I’m teaching a webinar this week on Navigating the Lines of Consent in sex scenes. Should be big fun!

Essential Writing Tools

Cac2-wYW0AA7grVThanks to KAK for posting on Sunday, while I was off at Daytona Beach watching ripped young men from the Embry Riddle Air Force ROTC do crunches. Oh, and being on panels, etc., at the Coastal Magic Convention. Damn, I love my job!

Thus, I’m over at Word Whores on a rare Tuesday talking about our topic this week of our favorite writing apps. What do you *really* need to be a writer? Find out from us!

Writing to the Market – Is It *Always* Anathema?

lookout quail This is like one of those “Can you spot the X?” photos. Can you spot the quail in this pic? While the others in the covey are scratching around and eating, one will get in a high spot and be the lookout for predators. At first I thought I hadn’t gotten a good photo – several were out of focus – and then I zoomed in and wow!

Love how he’s looking right at me, too. lookout quail crop

I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about when you *should* write to the market

Five Ways to Combat Bad Writer Habits

Bird Woman by Jeffe Kennedy

This week I put out on Amazon a short read. It’s a true story I wrote some time ago, that was originally published in a literary magazine, about one of the most unsettling experiences of my life. A brush with the unseen that I don’t care to repeat!

At Word Whores this week, our topic is “My Bad Habit as a Writer.”

Which took some thinking about, really. Not that I’m ALL THAT or anything… but I have rather ruthlessly weeded out my bad habits over the many years. Like… twenty years. And I’m still a work in progress, which I suppose is part of the point. So, rather than focus specifically on my own bad habits, former, existing or future, I thought I’d give five ways that I’ve developed to identify and eliminate bad habits.

Five Things I’d Tell My Newbie Writer Self

roadrunner crop

This is our neighborhood roadrunner. She comes by fairly frequently and checks things out. Not easy to get a good pic of her either! This isn’t the best shot I got (too much background, not *quite* in focus), but I love how it captures her purposeful stride.

Speaking of purposeful, our theme over at Word Whores this week is: What I wish I knew when I started writing. 

So. Many. Things.

But I picked five. 

Also, if you haven’t yet read THE MARK OF THE TALA, it’s on sale at Amazon for only $2.51. Great time to pick up a copy!

How to Know When to Give Up


Can’t believe it’s already time! But the Coastal Magic Convention is only a few weeks away and January 15 is the last day to register. I love this convention and there’s going to be tons of great authors, bloggers and readers there – so if you can wrangle it, you should totally join us. Great panels, terrific interactions and it’s right on the beach. SO fun!

So, this week’s topic over at Word Whores is: It’s dead, Jim – how to know when a project isn’t working vs when its fixable.

I’m telling a couple of stories about knowing when to give up.