Essential Writing Tools

Cac2-wYW0AA7grVThanks to KAK for posting on Sunday, while I was off at Daytona Beach watching ripped young men from the Embry Riddle Air Force ROTC do crunches. Oh, and being on panels, etc., at the Coastal Magic Convention. Damn, I love my job!

Thus, I’m over at Word Whores on a rare Tuesday talking about our topic this week of our favorite writing apps. What do you *really* need to be a writer? Find out from us!

How to Know When to Give Up


Can’t believe it’s already time! But the Coastal Magic Convention is only a few weeks away and January 15 is the last day to register. I love this convention and there’s going to be tons of great authors, bloggers and readers there – so if you can wrangle it, you should totally join us. Great panels, terrific interactions and it’s right on the beach. SO fun!

So, this week’s topic over at Word Whores is: It’s dead, Jim – how to know when a project isn’t working vs when its fixable.

I’m telling a couple of stories about knowing when to give up.

Convention Report – Coastal Magic Con

Flash Fiction PanelLast week I attended the Coastal Magic Convention and had a fabulous time. As evidenced by this hysterical pic above, taken by lovely blogger Little Read Riding Hood, in which Damon Suede and Lucienne Diver look on in bemusement during our Flash Fiction Panel. You can read my convention recap on the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Blog.

Check back tomorrow because I shall have some exciting news about the Twelve Kingdoms books! Eeeee!!

How to Build a Better Villain

sunrise in Daytona BeachI’m writing from the Coastal Magic Convention, right on lovely Daytona Beach. I’ve been doing sunrise beach walks each morning with fab book blogger Jen from That’s What I’m Talking About. Wonderful way to start the conference day!

I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about how the development of positive traits builds better villains.