Mark of the Tala Sneak Peeks!

Bd4X6wZCcAAuFYBYesterday I received my page proofs for The Mark of the Tala. Aren’t they pretty?

I’m tremendous004ly blessed that the production editor at my publisher has turned out to be a major fan of the story and she went to lengths to make the book beautiful. She wanted special fonts, black-feather icons in the line breaks and special swirlies under the chapter numbers. (I would have looked up the term for that, but that’s the exact word she used in her email to me, so…)006

Don’t they look great??

And yeah, you get tiny little teasers along with those. I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not.


(On Twitter there’s a newish meme to apologize for stuff like this and add the #notsorry hashtag to the end. Adds the perfect bit of smirk to every tease.)

The other terrific thing about her liking this book and this series is that she’s a serious fantasy geek, the kind that rereads Lord of the Rings every year, so I love, love, love that this book is speaking to someone like that. 007I also have cover flats that I’ll take to Adventures in Fiction next month. And soon there will be ARCs! It’s all very exciting.

Finally, the second installment of Master of the Opera, Act 2: Ghost Aria releases this Thursday! Master of the Opera, Act 2 Ghost Aria (ebook)This release-every-two-weeks thing makes me feel a bit breathless. Especially while receiving page proofs on Mark and finishing drafting Emerald, the new full-length novel, which will be renamed.

One day I’ll write interesting blog posts again!

(Presuming they were EVER interesting. *snort*)