Master of the Opera – Act 1 is Free!

Free Read, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Phantom of the Opera Lots of exciting news to share today! First of all, Act 1 of Master of the Opera, Passionate Overture, is FREE everywhere!
Here’s a few links to download that puppy:

Books on Board
Google Play

Also, Act 3: Phantom Serenade is releasing on Thursday, February 6. You can read an excerpt here at the Contemporary Romance Cafe!

 Master of the Opera Act 3 600

Finally, Act V: A Haunting Duet, is available for review on Net Galley!! As always, if you have trouble getting approved, tag me somewhere and let me know. I have a WIDGET (one widget to rule them all!) that you can use.Master of the Opera Act 5 600

Mark of the Tala Sneak Peeks!

Bd4X6wZCcAAuFYBYesterday I received my page proofs for The Mark of the Tala. Aren’t they pretty?

I’m tremendous004ly blessed that the production editor at my publisher has turned out to be a major fan of the story and she went to lengths to make the book beautiful. She wanted special fonts, black-feather icons in the line breaks and special swirlies under the chapter numbers. (I would have looked up the term for that, but that’s the exact word she used in her email to me, so…)006

Don’t they look great??

And yeah, you get tiny little teasers along with those. I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not.


(On Twitter there’s a newish meme to apologize for stuff like this and add the #notsorry hashtag to the end. Adds the perfect bit of smirk to every tease.)

The other terrific thing about her liking this book and this series is that she’s a serious fantasy geek, the kind that rereads Lord of the Rings every year, so I love, love, love that this book is speaking to someone like that. 007I also have cover flats that I’ll take to Adventures in Fiction next month. And soon there will be ARCs! It’s all very exciting.

Finally, the second installment of Master of the Opera, Act 2: Ghost Aria releases this Thursday! Master of the Opera, Act 2 Ghost Aria (ebook)This release-every-two-weeks thing makes me feel a bit breathless. Especially while receiving page proofs on Mark and finishing drafting Emerald, the new full-length novel, which will be renamed.

One day I’ll write interesting blog posts again!

(Presuming they were EVER interesting. *snort*)

Friday Newsies

Master of the Opera, Act4 Dark Interlude (ebook)I was planning to put up this clever, witty post on the Nine Circles of Social Media Hell, but it’s Friday and…

Okay, I’m not feeling ambitious.

Plus, I know I’m not as chatty on here as I used to be. So, I thought maybe I’d catch you all up on some news and so forth.

First of all, for all of you reviewer people bitching about mentioning the cliffhanger at the end of Act 3 of Master of the Opera, Phantom Serenade? Act 4, Dark Interlude is now up on Net Galley! Go ye forth and request a copy. Or, if you have trouble, I have a handy-dandy widget I can give you (and for the previous acts, if you need them). Just ping me and let me know!

 Act 1 of Master, Passionate Overture, released on January 2, for all us non-reviewer chickens. Act 2, Ghost Aria, comes out next week already on January 16! I’ll be in West Virginia that day to conduct a seminar for the day job, so I’m being Zen about this release. Besides, six release days spaced out every two weeks begins to feel like a little MUCH, you know?

Anyone around the Charleston, WV area who wants to meet up? Also, I’ll be in San Diego the weekend of January 30 – February 2. Finally, I’ll be in Dallas for the Adventures in Fiction Signing and Masquerade Ball February 14-16. Should be big fun!

Other than that, I’m nearly done drafting the new erotic novel that will come out in July. I’ve been calling it “Emerald,” as the next in the Facets of Passion series, but we’re going to give it a new title and put it in a whole new series, along with the next two books. I think you all will like them. They’ll be at least twice as long as the Facets books, with a lot more meat.

 You all have a great weekend!

Act 4 of Master of the Opera Available on Net Galley!

Master of the Opera, Act4 Dark Interlude (ebook)

Visit Net Galley to make a review request here!

In the fourth fiery installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s scintilliating Master of the Opera, a woman surrenders—body and soul—to the one man who is everything she desires, everything she craves, and, possibly, everything she fears…

Reeling from the discovery of a dead body in the Sante Fe Opera House, intern Christy Davis is forced to reassess the strange, erotically-charged relationship she’s forged with the mysterious masked man who lives in the labrynths below. Could her masterful lover be capable of murder, and worse? Perhaps it was the thrill of danger that drew Christy to him in the first place—like a moth to the flame—instead of a more conventional romance with the opera house’s handsome benefactor, Roman. For the sake of her sanity, she must at least give Roman a chance. But for the love of her master, she must give in to every wild fantasy, every wicked game, and every whim he commands…

Is Christy prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? To surrender her heart, her soul, her everything? First she must acknowlege the truth: a woman in love can serve only one master…

Master of the Opera: Passionate Overture Release Day!

Master of the Opera, Act 1 Passionate Overture (ebook) smallWoo hoo!!

The first episode of my serial novel Master of the Opera releases today.

Act 1: Passionate Overture

In the first tantalizing installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s ravishing serial novel Master of the Opera, an innocent young woman is initiated into a sensual world of music, mystery, passion–and one man’s private obsession. . .

Fresh out of college, Christine Davis is thrilled to begin a summer internship at the prestigious Sante Fe Opera House. But on her first day, she discovers that her dream job has a dark side. Beneath the theater, a sprawling maze of passageways are rumored to be haunted. Ghostly music echoes through the halls at night. And Christy’s predecessor has mysteriously disappeared. Luckily, Christy finds a friend and admirer in Roman Sanclaro, the theater’s wealthy and handsome patron. He convinces her there’s nothing to fear–until she hears the phantom’s voice for herself. Echoing in the labrynths. Singing of a lost love. Whispering her name: Christine.

At first, Christy thinks she’s hearing things. But when a tall masked man steps out of the shadows–and into her arms–she knows he’s not a phantom of her imagination. He is the master of her desire. . .

I’m over at the Contemporary Romance Cafe talking about how much “para” makes a genre not “normal.

And I’m over at Here Be Magic talking about magical realism.

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