The Godparents: Jeffe’s Top Five Influences as a Writer

Our topic this week at the SFF Seven is “The Godparents: Your top five influences as a writer.” Come on over to find out mine!

Also, we’re heading into the last week of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Fantasy Storybundle. The theme is “Kickass Heroines” and this is such a kickass collection. I was one of the first to download it, even though my own book is in it, and I’ve read a couple of others. So many fantastic books for an amazing price. 

Three Profound Impacts on My Writing in 2013 & Three French Hens

035Only three days left in the Big Twelve Days of Gifts Giveaway!

I know everyone is crazy busy, so today is triple your chances to win day! Anyone who comments on Megan Mulry’s very funny post on what the hell colly birds are, or who comments on my Five Golden Rings post, will not only increase their chances to win both of those giveaways, but will get THREE entries for the Grand Prize!

(All of you lucky people who don’t celebrate Christmas and are not covered in flour and Scotch tape? This is an excellent time for you to sneak in and nab the prizes.)

I’m also over at Word Whores today, talking about the greatest influences on my writing in 2013. Yes, I named names!