How to load your files onto your eReader

The ebooks I have for sale are available as .epub and .mobi files. The type of ebook file you need to purchase will depend upon how you plan to read the ebook.

If you use Kindle, Kindle Fire, or the Kindle App:
You’ll want to download the .mobi file of the ebook. They do not support .epub files.

If you use iPad, Nook, Nook Tablet, the Sony Reader, the Kobo eReader, or any of these apps:
You’ll want to download the .epub file of the ebook. They do not support .mobi files.

Uploading your ebook to your device:

There are too many different types of ereaders for us to provide instructions for each. However, the general principle behind loading your new ebook onto your ereading device is the same across all ereader devices and platforms:

1.Download the ebook file in the correct file format for your ereader or app onto your computer (please see above for which file you need).
2.Connect your ereader to your computer via a USB cord (you should have received one when you bought your ereader).
3.Open the ereader file or drive on your computer.
4.Copy and paste the ebook file saved on your computer to the correct storage file in your ereader to begin ebook transfer.
5.After the ebook has finished transferring, safely eject your ereader device from your computer and enjoy your new book.
The specific steps involved for your ereader will depend on which one you have, along with the version or model, and the generation number.
For example, the steps for loading an ebook onto a Nook will differ from the steps required for loading onto a Kindle. Also, the steps for loading an ebook onto a first generation Kindle will vary from those required to load a file onto the latest generation Kindle Fire.

If you have any questions about how to load an ebook to your specific device, please check your user manual or the manufacturer’s website for full instructions.

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