Meet My Precious

Classic Car pic 2Did you know today is Collector Car Appreciation Day?

Come on – yes, you did! No? HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THIS??

Apparently it’s a moveable feast, too, as in not *always* on July 10. Last year it was July 11. In 2016 – it’s unknown.

Okay, okay. I didn’t know this either. To celebrate the release of UNDER CONTRACT, my publisher, Carina Press, asked me to choose a celebration from the month of July on this site. You’ll no doubt be pleased to note that you can also register your own National Day through them! The possibilities are endless!

So, this is a bit of a cheat, because I don’t really collect cars. I just have the one Precious. It’s a 1996 Jaguar XJS convertible. It’s actually my second XJS. I had an ’88 one that was totaled when the engine caught fire. As I was pulling into the garage. *cough* Lucas wiring anyone? I didn’t set out to get a fancy, older car, necessarily. I wanted a convertible. I love fresh air and sunshine. I saved up my money. And I researched convertibles.

I test-drove A LOT of convertibles. The things we suffer for research! See, not all convertibles are created equal. They vary considerably in what I think of as the “blowiness factor.” You know what I mean – how much the wind buffets the people inside while driving. Jaguars were the best by far in low BF. As for buying older cars… well, I hadn’t saved THAT much money.

Yes, I love my Precious.

It’s a super fun car to drive – like flying an airplane. Smooth. Tremendous torque. WAY too easy to exceed the speed limit in, as 95 mph feels the same as 55. Gotta keep an eye on that speedometer. Cruise control is my friend.

What I didn’t expect about having this car is how it kind of admitted me to a secret society. Other Jag lovers stop me to talk cars. It snags peoples’ attention like crazy. Everywhere I go in it, someone comments on what a pretty car it is. We took the pic above on the 4th of July, after I drove it in our community parade, which is just a kick to do.

So that’s my car. She’s much happier living in New Mexico than in Wyoming, as she gets out much more. If you see me driving by – wave!

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