Remember, Always – no, wait! Never…

I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about the Best and Worst Writing Advice I’ve ever received (or given). Today will also have the final installment of my seven-part series on Novel Spot, about my path as a writer.

Thus shall endeth the all-writing-talk, all-the-time week. Perhaps next week I shall blather on entirely about Cats and New Mexico Weather.

The Unexpected Sale

Another photo from the Chicago Architectural Boat Tour. That was just an amazing tour – one of the best I’ve taken, anywhere, ever. Many thanks to Lacey Savage/Hunter Raines and Fiona Jayde for inviting me along!

I’m over at Novel Spot again today, for the fifth installment on making the writer thing happen.Today’s is all about perseverance, shopping the novel and selling in unexpected places.

The Great Nest Relocation Venture

Oh look! A nest with eggs! How wonderful, yes?


Not so much.

Observe location of said nest:

Don’t see it? Let me show you a better picture:

See that twiggy stuff in the shadows of the upper opening in the tire? Yes, our nest.

This happened last year, too. Only we didn’t notice the nest until we’d been driving the the Jeep around and it was way too late. This time, David saw momma bird fly out of the tire yesterday afternoon. We figure she must have laid the eggs yesterday morning or the night before. A little research told us that the eggs should take two weeks to hatch and then two more weeks for the birdies to leave the nest.


So, I am attempting relocation. The same research said house finches like to build nests in hanging plants, too. I dug out one of my dead hanging plants from last summer and hung it next to the tire. (You can see it in the big Jeep picture – I don’t normally hang dead plant baskets on the Jeep.) Hopefully momma bird got used to seeing it there. This morning, I put on latex gloves and then washed them, to try to remove as much human scent as I could. Then I relocated the nest to the basket.

I hung the basket on the tire and added an exotic cover for shade and protection.

Hopefully momma bird will find it and continue to sit on the eggs. Then I’ll gradually move the whole thing to the nearby grape arbor.

Think good thoughts!

Also, Day 3 of my Novel Spot history of Me as a Writer is up today. Let me know what you think!

A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

This is my Ellora’s Cave editor, Grace Bradley, sharing a meal and cocktails with me and Laura Bickle. I’m not sure why Laura looks so glowy – must be her radiant spirit.

This week I’m doing a series of posts over at Novel Spot, for their “Behind the Scenes” feature. This series lets authors tell, over the course of seven days, how they got where they are today.

So you can go see Day One: The Before Time and Day Two: Putting It Together, Making It Happen.

It was interesting to write these, to go back over the last twenty-some years and see how my writing career – and my ideas about it – have changed. And grown. Always a good thing to see some growth.

I think you have to register and log in to comment there, which I know is a  pain, so feel free to comment here!