Sneak Peek at the Prequel to The Twelve Kingdoms

THE TEARS OF THE ROSE high resIn one of those multidimensional feats common to writers of Magical Things, I’m in two places at once today – over at the Here Be Magic blog, talking about faking sincerity, and at the Paranormal Romantics blog, giving a little sneak peek at a prequel story to The Twelve Kingdoms, which I’m going to give away for free in my first Newsletter.

Which you can sign up for right here on the homepage! Just saying…

Crowning the Newsletter King – And Taking a Deep Breath

I swear Jackson visibly grew while I was away this week.

So, thank you all who signed up for my newsletter! If you haven’t yet, you still can, in the right hand column of the home page. But, for those who did sign up and participated in the contest, the winner is……

The Kev!

He just happens to be my old high school boyfriend, which makes him a long time fan. Clearly the random number generator loves him, too.

Congrats to Kev!

I’m gearing up for a big week next week, since Rogue’s Pawn goes on sale Monday! I may or may not be running around, flapping my hands in the air like a crazy person. David says there’s an acupuncture point for people who want to climb to high places and take off their clothes. I begin to understand the syndrome now…

So, if I’ve been quiet-ish this week, never fear – by the end of next week, you’ll likely be saturated.

And, while I’m at it – thanks to all of you, my loyal friends, family and readers for the support.

Love you all.

Hunting the Siren Cover Reveal and Newsletter Bonus!

Here’s the cover for Hunting the Siren!

(No, I don’t know the release date yet.)

This is the novella I was calling Blood Siren for a while, but Ellora’s Cave has a rule that you can’t have blood in the title. Apparently it was overused, which kind of gives one pause. However, I *can* have blood in the series title, so this is officially the second book in the Blood Currency series, led off byFeeding the Vampire. In this one, Imogen is my vampire queen, living on the Russian steppes with her Nightriders. That ripped Mongol dude? That’s Kasar, who hiked out of Moscow after the earthquakes devastated that, too, and Europe sank. He thinks he’s going to go all VanHelsing and hunt Imogen down, to avenge his sister. But Imogen is no pussy cat.

Did I mention I don’t have official cover copy yet, either?


Yes, here’s the sales pitch part: if you sign up for my NEWSLETTER, then you can be the first know these things! I also will include special somethings in my newsletters, which will probably be fairly few and far between, settling into your email in-box like dew on the morning rosebuds.

See, I’ve been exhorted to have a newsletter. (I don’t much like them myself.) So, I did it. Set up the newsletter sign-up link there in the right-hand column of the home page. And like SIX people have signed up. Which is really super sad and pitiful. Thus, I have a deal for you!

Everyone signed up for my newsletter by midnight, mountain time on July 8 will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift card to the online book vend0r of your choice! And yes, this includes you six loyal few who signed up already.

And then you get the extra bonus of fun surprises in the newsletter, too!

Isn’t this fun?

Okay, yeah, we’ll see.

Here – have an ice cream cone.