Crowning the Newsletter King – And Taking a Deep Breath

I swear Jackson visibly grew while I was away this week.

So, thank you all who signed up for my newsletter! If you haven’t yet, you still can, in the right hand column of the home page. But, for those who did sign up and participated in the contest, the winner is……

The Kev!

He just happens to be my old high school boyfriend, which makes him a long time fan. Clearly the random number generator loves him, too.

Congrats to Kev!

I’m gearing up for a big week next week, since Rogue’s Pawn goes on sale Monday! I may or may not be running around, flapping my hands in the air like a crazy person. David says there’s an acupuncture point for people who want to climb to high places and take off their clothes. I begin to understand the syndrome now…

So, if I’ve been quiet-ish this week, never fear – by the end of next week, you’ll likely be saturated.

And, while I’m at it – thanks to all of you, my loyal friends, family and readers for the support.

Love you all.

10 Replies to “Crowning the Newsletter King – And Taking a Deep Breath”

  1. Yayz! I never win drawings. I’m gonna go right out and buy a lottery ticket, as well!

    Also, you have been more than worthy of my fanaticism the whole time. You rock super hard, and Rogue’s Pawn is gonna crush.

  2. The review blog will be all about you for 5 days!
    I got the interview scheduled for Monday as the first post.

  3. Ack, how did I miss signing up for that? Rectified that error PDQ.

    I saw this and thought ‘wait, what? isn’t it out already’ and then remember I got an advanced copy. so… SQUEE! Now other people get to read and love your book, too. And I’m a little jealous because they’ll all get to experience Rogue’s Pawn for the first time this week. Yay! Ooo, and now I’ll finally get to post an Amazon review.

    Congrats on release day, Jeffe! I hope it’s as awesome as Rogue’s Pawn. You deserve it. =o)

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