Otter Delight

BXywbg2CAAAa6FQI just returned from a conference for the Day Job that took place in Long Beach, California. The highlight was the private event at the Aquarium of the Pacific. We arrived at 7 and were able to tour all the exhibits with just our group – and have drinks at the same time! Then we had dinner with a view of an enormous, floor-to-ceiling tank. Just extraordinary.

BXymn2eCUAARSOuThe jellyfish exhibits were just excellent. In the one below, the beating of the jellyfish’s cilia were highlighted, giving this super cool neon effect.


Also, there were Garden Eels! They plant their tails in the sand and pretend to be grass, letting their heads wave in the current, mouths ready to catch hapless fish passers-by.BXypEDzCQAEjmX4But possibly the very best part was the otter exhibit. Beautifully designed, the tank puts the otters right at eye level. And the lack of crowds let me get this great sequence to start your weekend off right.

 You’re welcome.