First Cup of Coffee – October 13, 2023

Yes, I saw the Taylor Swift concert movie last night! Loved. Thoughts on TS and voice. Also, a trick for coping with those inertia-filled tasks that forever slide down the To Do List and remembering we’re not being graded.

First Cup of Coffee – January 16, 2023

The business of self-publishing, especially ISBNs, and retail platforms for print. Also, raving about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and what creators can learn from it on prequels and riffing within the canon.

First Cup of Coffee – September 27, 2022

SHADOW WIZARD is uploaded! I’m back from mini-break. And I’m discussing why I buy my own ISBNs, how they work, and a bit about false economies in running your own self-publishing biz. Also: a Starbucks odyssey.