Ooh La La!

CceWMAjW0AAP3pbI found out by chance this morning that GOING UNDER released in French today! (I happened to see my name on Twitter in relation to it – Harlequin never tells us these things.) It’s the same title, SEXY GAMES, as the Italian translation. Love this sexy cover, too. Unlike the Italian version, I ought to be able to read this one. I checked the Harlequin Author Network (mainly to make sure this version was legit!) and it looks like UNDER HIS TOUCH will also release in French in May. C’est magnifique!

Sexy games Tome 1 Elle est son fantasme le plus absolu. Mais, pour la faire sienne, il va devoir découvrir son secret. « Je réaliserai tous tes fantasmes. Mais, d’abord, tu dois apprendre à me faire confiance. » Confiance ? Emily ne se fie à personne ! C’est la seule façon de garantir sa sécurité, et la raison pour laquelle elle a veillé à garder ses distances avec les habitants de la petite île brumeuse de la côte Est où elle a trouvé refuge sous une fausse identité. Pourtant, face à Fox Mullins, son nouveau – et très séduisant – voisin, elle sent un enivrant mélange de peur et d’excitation la gagner. Cet homme éveille en elle un désir primitif. Quelque chose de puissant, de sombre… et de libérateur. Car, elle le devine, si elle s’abandonne à lui, il lui permettra d’oublier – pour quelques heures du moins – le secret qui ne la quitte jamais… A propos de l’auteur :Il y a bien longtemps que Jeffe Kennedy a trouvé sa vocation : l’écriture sous toutes ses formes. Romans, essais, et même poésie, rien ne lui résiste. Mais, depuis quelques années, c’est la romance qui a sa préférence, et plus particulièrement la romance érotique. La recette de son succès ? Deux héros aux personnalités complexes, un amour impossible et un désir irrésistible – le tout saupoudré d’une pincée de BDSM.

Pincée de BDSM? Un désir irrésistible?? Oui, oui, oui!!


French Club and Other Sekrit Societies

10_29_15 moonThe full moon setting at sunrise. Such lovely color!

Back when I was in grad school, lo these many moons ago, one gal in the department started up a weekly (maybe monthly? I don’t really recall) meeting of those of us who spoke French. She’d been in the Peace Corps in north Africa and felt like her French was getting rusty. I’d become reasonably fluent while studying the language in college, but I’d also gotten less so with disuse, so it sounded fun to me. It would also be a break from All The Science.

So, we’d go over to her apartment, bring wine and snacks and converse in French. There were like five or six of us and it just so happened that we were all female.

Well – this drove the guys NUTS! We were a fairly small department – Zoology & Physiology – and all knew each other pretty well. We had Friday afternoon brown bag discussions, where we took turns giving presentations on our research (which included beer and frequently culminated in a mas migration to the campus beer garden) along with weekly department seminars, joint classes that we both took and taught, frequent potlucks and barbeques, etc.

The guys kept asking us, “What do you do? Do you sit around in lingerie or something?”

We’d answer, “We drink wine, eat snacks and gossip in French.” They were welcome to join us, but they protested that they didn’t speak French. We told them it was no different than other parties, except we spoke French.

They simply could not get their heads around it and wouldn’t let the topic go.

I think it had to do with feeling closed out of something, which I understand, but also the male/female dynamic played in. I think if even one guy had been part of French Club, they wouldn’t have thought about it. But something about the women getting together without them got under their skin. They also sexualized it – with a lot of their questions along the lines of the lingerie thing and pillow fights.

I’m thinking about this because of some groups wanting to create “safe spaces” on the internet – which can mean females and female-oriented topics – and men objecting to it, calling it cliquey and elitist. I can understand the feeling left out, but… I dunno. Sometimes I think it’s okay for people do things without others looking over their shoulders.

Also, my French is nearly nonexistent now. Alas.