Why You Should Be Glad that Being Apoplectic Isn’t as Bad as It Used to Be

Erotic Romance revision notesI laughed this morning to see the results of my late-night phone call with the brilliant and insightful Carolyn Crane. She’s been swamped with work lately, so when she pinged me, said she’d finished my new erotic romance novel and had crit for me, I paused the movie we’d been watching and hopped on the phone. Amusingly enough, we were both walking on our treadmill desks as we talked and I wrote comments on both on my laptop and on these sticky notes.

The laugh was an especially happy one, because I can incorporate her comments today and send this off to my editor! Best feeling ever.

The opposite of apoplectic, regardless of which definition you use.

Yes, Bordello-followers – the word of the week over at Word Whores is “apoplectic,” which is one of those words that has migrated so far in common usage from its original meaning, that it’s fair to say that it doesn’t mean what we think it means. Head on over to find out why.