Nine Ladies Dancing for You – Believe It or Not!

centralparkcarriageWhew – the countdown to Christmas feels like it’s picking up pace!

Today I’m bringing you another long-distance friend and a flashback to summer two years ago. Tawna Fenske is one of those people I became friends with online. We exchanged blog comments, tweets and Facebook messages, eventually graduation to instant messages. She likes to point out that, when we finally met in person, I went to bed with her immediately.

Can you blame me? Tawna is smart, witty, open-hearted and full of a sincere joy in life that makes her a delight to be around.

Believe me, that all comes out in her romantic comedies, too. Tawna is giving away a signed paper copy of her second book Believe It or Not today!

Same rules apply as in the introductory post. Share the love on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere. Use the hashtag #JK12DayGifts if you can. Comment here, on Tawna’s blog or elsewhere and let us know what you did!

Bonus points for interpretive dance.