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  1. Reverse harem is a trope I usually avoid because I loathe the term. I don’t have a better alternate term to suggest, but I react poorly when I see RH without even reading the blurb. I am simply not the target audience.

    That said, tropes are just a short-hand way to describe a story. Rather or not a story is any good will always be about the execution. If you ask me which tropes I dislike secret baby tops the list. Yet I do have multiple secret baby books on my keeper shelf. So there aren’t many tropes I won’t read, simply ones that more often than not I don’t enjoy. But I never say never.

    This is why once an author achieves favorite status, whatever that means to the individual, as readers we may follow them to whichever genre or subgenre they write in. Because it’s their author voice we connect with. It doesn’t work for every author, but as readers whenever we try someone new there’s always the hope we WILL discover a new favorite. Especially if they are someone with a backlist we can enjoy.

    My take on wheelchairs is that I wish they would actually listen to the people who have to use them. With the cost and the way insurance works here in the US it’s usually the person who has to try to adjust to a standardized wheelchair rather than building a chair to fit a particular individuals needs. All without taking into account a person who is 6′ tall does not have the same requirements as a person who is 5’2, their range of mobility, etc. not to mention the space they actually live in. But that is a rant for another time.

    I liked today’s earrings. FWIW, they show up well on camera in your hair.

    1. Yeah, I don’t love the term either, but what can you do? I do think it’s funny how we might be certain we don’t like a trope – until a book converts us.

      Good point on favorite authors. Their voice and the way their beliefs influence a story make all the difference.

      Thanks on the earrings! I really should wear them more often…

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