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  1. Love the socks.

    I am lucky enough that I started buying ebooks back at the start before Kindle. There used to be a store called Fictionwise and if you joined their club (or whatever it was called) when you purchased books which were on the New York Times list they would give you 100% of the funds back to buy more books!

    They also had a lot of times when you bought books you would get 50% or more of the total back to spend at their store. So I was able to get all of the JD Robb books up to that point by buying other books. Such a win! I loved that store, but Barnes & Noble bought them to gain one of their proprietary formats and then the introduction of Agency pricing killed their business model.

    Before agency pricing often books would be on sale. When Kobo first started you could buy their books from Borders website (sigh, I still miss Borders). There were many stores to choose from. The big 6 (at the time) really screwed themselves and readers over by trying to slow the adoption of e-books and push print so much. If they really wanted to counter Amazon’s power they should have embraced ebooks, gone DRM free, and allowed other storefronts to have sales.  But that’s all water under the bridge now.

    At this point I have basically  repurchased all of my favorites in digital which I swore I would never do after replacing all of my albums and tapes with CDs. But the heart wants what the heart wants and I need my books. Also many of my old favorites have never been made available in digital so that did save me some funds.

    1. I bought books from Fictionwise! They were great. Also… Booklocker? I agree that trad pub really made poor choices. They still undervalue ebooks in bewildering ways.

      Solidarity on the album -> cassettes -> CDs -> digital. It’s never ending.

      Also: LOVE reading this book on Kindle!!

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