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  1. I couldn’t see a cover for Dark Wizard in the newsletter – it just had a “cover coming soon” placeholder. 🙁 But it sounds cool! 😀 I saw your 2021 schedule on your Sunday post. It’s interesting you have indie books coming out a month before and after The Promised Queen. I read Grace Draven can only publish indie books at certain times in the same genre because of a non-compete clause in her contract. St. Martin’s isn’t worried you’re going to steal readers away? I’m firmly in the “heck yeah, two cakes!” camp so a non-compete seems silly to me as a reader though I also understand the whole gotta protect your investment bit.

    1. Yeah – sorry about that! Carien and I miscommunicated. Something to anticipate!
      My contract and Grace’s are very different in the noncompete clauses, particularly in that mine is much more generous. Basically I was able to publish anything I liked in my existing series and worlds, and I agreed not to publish a new fantasy romance series until book 3 (THE PROMISED QUEEN) was accepted and sent into copy edits. I mostly planned releases on either side of THE PROMISED QUEEN to keep a steady publishing schedule and not have too much overlapping promo. But, yes, noncompetes can be silly, and the takeaway is that they vary hugely between imprints and publishing houses. 🙂

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