4 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – October 20, 2020”

  1. There was less background noise, but overall the sound quality was about even with your usual microphone. But I don’t usually notice issues unless it volume is really low or there is lots of interference.

    Glad the book is flowing better. The weekend away probably helped.

  2. Huh, I’m positive I wrote a comment on this, but now I don’t see it. Maybe you’ll end up with two comments or maybe I put it on the wrong post…?

    I think it was about how I’d want to put makeup on too if I was being recorded (and I very rarely wear makeup). I also waste way too much time worrying about the mic/camera settings/background any time I have a video chat that isn’t something like a weekly writing group meeting. I’m supposed to do a Twitch stream thing on Sunday and debating whether to just put the camera on a stuffed animal or something.

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