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  1. I’m a TNG girl 😉

    I prefer to watch movies at home rather than in theaters as well.

    Me and my BFF have a similar relationship.

    I used to comment less, partly because I’d get to the end and forget what I’d wanted to say earlier. Now I start writing my thoughts down as they come to me, though maybe I comment too much now?

  2. I liked the original ST as a kid. Was a fan of TNG and DS9 when they aired. Like Scott Bakula, but couldn’t stand the series he did for reasons. I enjoyed most of the TNG movies, even with the iffy scripts.

    I am not a fan of the newer movie remakes and I haven’t seen the new series that airs only on the CBS streaming app.

    I was also a fan of the original SW trilogy (4-6). I saw the prequels at the theatre. I actually haven’t watched any of the more recent films because of what they did to Leia & Han (I know I would probably enjoy Rey and co overall, but…)

    So I don’t think it’s one or the other for everyone. I like both. Then again I’m sure many of the fandom gatekeepers would classify me as not a “true fan” since I haven’t seen every episode/movie of each franchise.

    I love going to the theatre to watch movies, but don’t go as often as I did when I lived in Vegas and went with my BFF at least 3 times per month. It’s not that I even mind going by myself so much. I just don’t make the time. I did see and enjoy Bohemian Rhapsody last year.

    1. Oh, the Leia and Han thing! Did you see I wrote a whole blog post on why that was such a betrayal?

      You can be both. 🙂

      I think the ST reboots grow on you once you ditch previous expectations.

  3. I will confess i am not a trekkie.i only like voyager and not even everything, but only up to the appearance of seven of nine.
    I have seen as lot of Star Wars, own the roleplaying game and have read the Master and Apprentice series, do that probably places me in the Star Wars fan camp ?

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