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  1. So… I used to run AOL Journals, which was the first big blogging platform (started before the word “blog” existed), and that’s what I think most blogs still are – online/public journals. WordPress muddied the waters a bit, of course, by calling their publishing platform a blogging platform, and then becoming the de facto website creation tool for both individuals and businesses.

    Social media is definitely a time trap; that’s how it’s designed.

    I would LOVE to see the Twelve Kingdoms on the big-screen! 🙂

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with road trips, but “the trek” is a pretty big part of the stereotypical Tolkien-ese fantasy, so maybe it’s a reaction to that from the more Romance-minded side of your readership? Or Fantasy fans that are tired of it? I think ToB was a little disappointing b/c it ended right after they finally got there (if I remember correctly), so you had this thing we were sort of waiting on and waiting on, and then it didn’t really happen until the next book, but OE doesn’t have that problem since the big conflict the book was building up to does happen at the end. On the other hand, it’s been several books since there’s been any interaction with her kingdom and the main bad guys, so maybe that’s what they were hoping for?

    1. Ha! That’s very interesting on the internet history of journalling vs blogging. Thanks for filling us in!
      So true on social media, alas.
      Good insights on Oria’s Enchantment. Hopefully everyone will be happy once I get Lonen’s Reign in 🙂

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