Stealing My Own Thunder

Okay, so, yesterday I told you all about my Attack Cupcake at the Harlequin Party.

I know you’re all still waiting to hear how the big outfit went over. You know, the one I angsted about, that took the combined efforts of at least five people to figure out?


I don’t really have any good pics of it, but I’m posting this one that I don’t like for posterity’s sake.

The outfit was fine, I think. It didn’t quite gel, I wasn’t Katy Perry in Gautier, but it was good enough.

Or it would have been, except for Cat Woman.

See, I dressed as Cat Woman for the FFP Gathering (lead pic with the ever vivacious Michelle Miles). It was a crazy evening for me. I made sure The Gathering was set up, went to the Carina Press cocktail party, then back to The Gathering. So I just brazened it out and wore the Cat Woman outfit to the Carina Press cocktail party.

It was a total hit.

I thought I’d get some funny looks and snide remarks, but no. Everyone seemed to think I was making a fabulous statement. I kept explaining I was double-booked – they didn’t care. Angela James said she had the urge to grab my ass, but thought it might be sexual harassment, even though she’s not technically my boss. Thankfully I managed to persuade her that she has ultimate power over whether Carina accepts my work and she refrained. She did, however, attempt to talk me into wearing the Cat Woman costume to the formal Black and White Ball later that night.

“Um, this is not a formal outfit by any stretch,” I said.

“Those are totally formal ears!” they assured me.

The upshot is, I put on my very fancy, extremely complicated, layered outfit, that really did look pretty close to what I’d imagined and everyone was disappointed. Over and over they stopped me saying, “Oh no, why did you take off Cat Woman??”

I would respond, “hey, I worked really hard on this outfit!” And they would say it was nice, but I could tell they didn’t care.

They only wanted Cat Woman.

One woman said to me, “you should have worn that costume – then no one here tonight would ever have forgotten the name ‘Jeffe Kennedy.'”

There’s a moral to this tale, though I’m not sure what it is. Any guesses?

Would you have worn Cat Woman to the formal ball?

9 Replies to “Stealing My Own Thunder”

  1. If I could have pulled the outfit off as well as you, I'd totally have worn it! Your other outfit was very pretty too though 🙂

  2. Hahaha! Yes, there is a moral. If you would have been yourself (aka Catwoman), more people would've noticed you and it would be part of your branding. The pictures over on Tawna's website sure made me want to check out who this lady was. 🙂 I guess I can't blame you for wanting to dress nice though for a formal occasion.

  3. You were hawt. But in the end, you have to be comfortable with yourself. I got to see the cat and the pretty.
    And you know what? You aren't blonde!

  4. I would not have the guts but I totally would wish that I did. You would have been awesome!

    But you know, I really like the black and white with the underskirt of lace of your formal outfit.

  5. I love this second outfit! I think it's very classy. I'm not sure I could have worn Catwoman either. I agree – you have to be comfortable with yourself. Even though they won't remember you as Catwoman, bet they'll remember you as Jeffe who WAS Catwoman. 😉

  6. Both outfits were great! The formal is very pretty and does look good on you, but I have to say that the Cat Woman outfit really stands out and shows off your lovely figure even better. Either way, if it was me, I would have worn the formal outfit to the formal affair.

  7. Thanks Danielle – and really interesting thought. But see, that's where I trip over the "brand" thing. The fancy dress me is just as much myself as the Cat Woman outfit. So that means I choose selves to present? The answer is yes, I'm sure!

    Thanks for noticing, Keri!

    Thank you, Sylvia – I loved that part, too!

    Ah, Laura – thank you, darling!

    Nice take, MM!

    Yeah, I'm not sorry I did it Toni – and thanks for the sweet words!

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