The Tale of the Attack Cupcake

Thanks to the hysterically funny Victoria Dahl for this pic of me at the Harlequin party. Yes, this was well after midnight. I still like it.

I talked a little bit about the RWA Conference on Word Whores on Sunday. I’ll keep filling in with the stories this week. But since I already started with the Harlequin party on Word Whores, I’ll finish telling you all about that.

So, I headed over to the Harlequin party late. This is because I was at The Gathering through the PRISM ceremony. (Petals and Thorns took second place – alas no trophy for me! It was still a way fun party.) I dashed out of there, changed clothes, and went down to the taxi stand. The bell captain was loading another group of gals into a cab, so I waited. This pretty young woman walked up to me and asked if I was going to the Harlequin party and would I like to share a cab. We laugh, because we’re both dressed in black and white, so the “going to the HQ Black & White Ball” is such an obvious flag. I am, of course, delighted to share the taxi ride.

She introduces herself: Nalini Singh.

Yeah – way famous, mega selling author Nailini. And, it turns out, nicest person in the world.

We chat on the ride. When we get to the Waldorf-Astoria, she sticks with me and introduces me to people. I got pulled away at one point and lost her. Later I ran into her again and I apologized for poofing. She laughs and says that’s how these parties are. Then she asks if everyone is being nice to me.

Everyone was so great to me.

This party was AMAZING. The DJ played every girl power song you can think of while everyone danced barefoot or in our party-favor Harlequin footy socks. I had a mini-chocolate eclair with gold leaf on it. The coffee stations had bottles of liqueur lined up to be added to your cup at will. I drank flute after flute of champagne. There were stations manned by handsome young men where you could build your own ice cream cone or cupcake.

After lots of dancing, I decided I deserved a cupcake. I chose a red velvet cupcake and the handsome young man swirled cream cheese frosting on it with a pastry bag, then added my choice of chocolate shavings. It was a thing of beauty.

Proudly I carried it, and my champagne up to this balcony area. There I see Candy Havens. We hug. We chat. I feel my plate wobble. We both watch my special cupcake tumble from the plate and splat, icing-down, on the carpet.

We start to giggle. Yeah, who invited us to the fancy party?

I recover and reach to pick it up, but even as I do, this woman facing away from us, taking a photograph, takes a step back to position herself. Candy and I watch in impotent horror as her stiletto heel impales the crumpled cupcake, then rides off with her as she strides away.

We totally lost it. Gasping with laughter, we are unable to stop her, to tell her. She disappears into the crowd.

And, of course, because we were laughing so hard, I hadn’t picked up the frosting splat before another bare-footed guest stepped squarely in it.


Oh, and I did get another cupcake. After I cleaned up the first.

I sat down to eat it.

11 Replies to “The Tale of the Attack Cupcake”

  1. you shared a cab with nalini singh?!?! but even better, she's nice?!?! i love authors.

    i'd much rather have a cupcake stuck to my shoe than toilet paper…that image is so hilarious! thanks for sharing!

    oh and congrats on second place!

  2. Abby – she is one of the most sincerely delightful people I've ever met. It was a moment that will go down in history. We all speculated on her returning to her hotel, taking off her shoe, and…

  3. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Glad you enjoyed yourself and had your book celebrated!

  4. OMG that was hilarious! I can only imagine the owner of the stiletto as she discovered the cupcake.

    I met Nalini Singh once and she is the nicest person ever.

  5. I can't stop the mental image of the cupcake on the stiletto. Hilarious!

    I love Candy – she's a doll, isn't she?

  6. Incredible tale! I would still be laughing. I'm laughing reading it. If I recall, when I started off that evening with you I had been declaring, "I lost my blueberry." LOL What a great night.

  7. Thanks Jeanne!

    Nalini is the nicest person ever, Chudney. And OMG, Zoe Archer was acting out the discovery with the woman wiping her finger on the shoe and tasting it…

    Candy is a doll, MM. Even if she did tweet about me doing this.

    That's right, Maureen – I'd forgotten that. You totally jinxed me!!!

  8. You splatted a cupcake at the Waldorf, Jeffe? Oy. 🙂 LOL. Great story and one that you will always enjoy telling.

  9. Fab post — thanks for the laugh! — cupcakes and champagne sound like a wonderful party 🙂

  10. Jeannie – I know! They'll never invite me back, but I'll always have the story…

    Totally wonderful party, Jenny. Get yourself over from Australia next year so you can be there!

    Thank you, Sylvia. In a way, that's comforting, because you would still be my friend, even if you stepped bare-footed into my frosting splat, right?

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