Sweet Peas and Gratitude

Remember back in March when I planted my sweet-pea seeds and wondered how they’d do here?

Oh yes – so very pretty.

I was all about planting the seeds then, about six weeks into what would become The Body Gift. Full of hope and uncertainty.

Now my sweet peas are blooming, The Body Gift is done, but I’m still waiting to gather my rosebuds.

(I know – I’m just full of poetic references these days. No, I have no idea why. I’ve been working on burning fat. Perhaps the old lines of poetry, like emotional energy and toxins get stored in the fat cells, too? When that cell is emptied, it all dumps into the bloodstream, pathos and literature together.)

What I’m reaping lately is favors. People have been helping me in a way that touches my heart. An author friend wrote an email to her agent introducing me and saying all kinds of nice things. An editor friend gave me a list of agents she likes and told me to drop her name at will. Another author friend maneuvered me at convention to sit next to agent and editor friends.

I’m supposed to be good with words, but they fail me on this.

To have people go so out of their way to help me – well, it moves me. I get a little teary about it. So many people complain about the cutthroat nature of publishing, the competition, the professional jealousy. It’s the incredible generosity that stuns me.

The Body Gift has all the help she can ask for. Two of my readers promise me comments soon, so I can take action if the novel isn’t snapped up.

If I don’t hit it with this novel, it’s not because no one cared.

9 Replies to “Sweet Peas and Gratitude”

  1. Very nice, Jeffe. It's wonderful to have such great friends. I asked a chapter member recently that has the agent I want if she would care if I mentioned that I know her in my query letter and she said she didn't want me to do that- Made me sad. I thought chapter mates were supposed to be supportive. Learned something about that person. Jillian Chantal

  2. That is sad! But I think you're right – you learned something about that person. But, she may have had extenuating circumstances. Maybe she's not getting along well with her agent, or maybe her agent doesn't like referrals. You never know. Be an active, supportive and helpful member of your chapter. Our PAN members really love to have our support. They'll notice and appreciate your efforts!

  3. Beautiful flowers; beautiful post. 🙂

    I've found the online writing community to be incredibly supportive of new writers. So many embody the "pay it forward" mentality–I love that. 🙂

  4. You're right, Linda! All of these people I've met online. Some I've met in person, too, but not all. The internet has been such a boon this way, to enable all of us far-flung kindred spirits to connect.

  5. Jeffe, that's wonderful!

    I've found everyone in the romance writing community to be so helpful that I'm unable to be shy around them (a feat for me). They're so wiling to give frank advice, answer silly questions, and help out new writers that I find myself doing the same even though I'm still a new writer.

    Linda G is correct. The community is filled with people who pay it forward which only enhances the experience for everyone and makes it feel like we're all part of a great big family. Love it.

  6. You know I have my fingers crossed. But I am with you. The generosity of the people I have come into contact with is terrifically awesome and I am so appreciative so I completely understand how you feel.

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