Waiting for the Rain to Fall

I love living in a place where I can watch the rainstorms arriving.

This is how a lot of our weather hits – a train of thunderclouds rolling up the valley from the Sandias. Clearly you have to be in the exact right path to get the rain. Fortunately, it’s a slightly different path every day, so everyone gets the rain at some point.

Much is made of being in the right place at the right time with publishing. It’s true of all endeavors. Serendipity, synchronicity, just plain luck – all factor into whether something hits the right person at the right moment. In publishing, I think it’s particularly easy to observe, because the business is so terribly subjective. Reading is for pleasure and what gives people pleasure is something that’s constantly changing.

You have to hit the right agent at the right moment, who hits the right editor at the right moment, who hits her administrators and marketers at the right moment, who do their best to stack the deck and manipulate the market, but in the end, you have to hit the right readers at the right moment.

Small wonder full many a flower is born to blush unseen.

(No – that’s not me. It’s Thomas Gray. Just in case you were inclined to give me more credit than I’m due.)

But the flip side is, if you patiently persist in waiting, one day the rain will fall on you. Maybe on many days. I’m quite sure, however, that if I spent my days dashing about the valley, trying to get under the rain, I might hit it more often, but I’d exhaust myself in the process. Besides, it’s hard to move a whole garden around.

Some days, the rain dries up before it reaches us. Or it takes an abrupt turn. What looks like a sure thing can evaporate in moments. Other days, the rain sneaks up from another direction, slipping over my shoulder from the north with an abrupt drenching.

It’s not something I can control.

The people who are reading my novel read at their own pace. I won’t know what they think until they tell me. In their own time, according to their own busy calendars.

Until then I wait. Enjoying both the sunshine while I pray for rain.

4 Replies to “Waiting for the Rain to Fall”

  1. Or you move to western Washington where it rains all the damned time. Then the metaphor switches to 'where the sun actually shines'…

  2. Well, yes – the reader should absolutely choose the metaphor that fits her most-desired weather situation.

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