Go-to-Meetin’ Clothes

Isabel is ready to go to the RWA conference!

Now if only I was…

Actually, it’s not that bad. My plane doesn’t leave until about 12:30 tomorrow, so I don’t have to leave the house until 10 am. I’m mostly packed – including feline companion – and everything else is stacked up. We got back from Denver early enough yesterday for me to finish all the laundry and get organized on FFP’s big party at the convention – something that actually took hours and hours of work. And I finished my costume. I don’t like to do these things too far ahead of time…

People keep asking me if I’m excited to go. I should just lie and say “yes!” like they want me to. Truth is, I kind of dread going. Once I get there, I’m fine. I’ll see lots of friends and it will be a non-stop whirl of fun. I’ll have a great time; I know that. There’s just a big part of me who’d like to curl up in the suitcase, too, and stay in the den.

It’s funny having just come from my high school reunion. The turn-out was quite small and many people I would have liked to see didn’t show. But it was funny to hear some of the stories and have people ask me didn’t I remember that party? No, because I was almost never at the parties. I always thought it was because I wasn’t invited, but I think now it was more that I was usually so happy to have “my nose in a book,” as my mother would say, that I rarely got up the gumption to go socialize. When I did, I had fun.

Just like convention.

Odd, at this stage in life, to recognize this pattern in myself. It helped, oddly enough, to take the Meyers-Briggs personality test and discover that I test as an introvert. I’ve always thought of myself as a basically social person and I’m socially confident in general. But my little introvert heart is happier tucked in where it’s quiet and people don’t ask me questions.

(No, I won’t start mumbling to Precious. Much.)

Fortunately, fence-sitter me, I just barely score into the introvert category, so I can dig up some extrovertedness if necessary. The thought just sounds draining at the moment. Once I get there, the excitement will pump me up.

So – am I excited? No. But I will be.

6 Replies to “Go-to-Meetin’ Clothes”

  1. Jeffe,
    You have a go-to-meetin' kitty there. 🙂

    Have fun in Orlando. I wish I were going to be there. See, there are some downsides to life in the unemployment line.

  2. I completely understand. I feel that way about twitter. I can get in my jammies, sit on the bed with the TV playing in the background and socialize away.

    I get the best of both worlds. And I don't have to go anywhere to get it. Plus I always, always learn something new.

  3. I wish you were going to be there, too, Keena! I expect you to do a LOT of writing for me…

    Kelly – can I stay home in my pjs and play Twitter, too?

  4. I'm in complete agreement! I think I went to…er one party in high school and stayed 5 minutes. Can I help it if my books were more interesting than the people my age? *sniff* I haven't changed that much though in the…nearly 20 years since. I can be friendly and outgoing, but deep inside is still the bookworm who would happily ignore everything but the pages in front of her.

    It'll be interesting to see how I handle my first conference. That's if I'm not on autopilot from lack of sleep because I keep myself up all night trying to make a mental list of everything I need to do before!

  5. Meh. I haven't even started packing. Hell, the suitcase I ordered for the trip hasn't even been delivered yet. (In theory, some time this afternoon.)

    I have my costume tho, dammit. I suspect I may have to wear the hat and the boots to airport to keep them safe. Think they will let me in through security?

  6. You'll do fine, Danica – at least you're there with all the other girls who never went to parties in high school!

    I think you should, Allison, if only so we can laugh at your stories.

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