That Time of Year

This year, I’m resolved to take more photos.

All of my pictures from last year are from other people’s cameras. (And no, we have no idea what Jeri Smith-Ready is doing in this picture. My theory is vampire dog, but you never know….) But then I was crazy busy/stressed last year. Hopefully this year will involve less of me running around like a manic person.

Tonight, the lovely and serene Cynthia Eden will host a pajama party, I believe. That ought to make for good photo opportunities.

Stay tuned – I’m off to Orlando. Save me now…

6 Replies to “That Time of Year”

  1. I think I'm either laughing or plotting my next military coup of an imaginary kingdom.

    Have a wonderful time–sigh, the pajama party sounds lovely! Please tell everyone (even people I've never met) that I said hi.

  2. Looking forward to meeting you in person, Danica!

    Jeri – that does look like and evil kingdom-grabbing laugh! We'll miss you…

  3. Keena and KAK – it would be way more fun if you gals had made it! (Although it's pretty damn fun so far…)

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