Loving That Road Less Traveled!

Okay, no I’m not quitting fiction-writing.

Apparently yesterday’s post came across just a little too dire, because a number of my fiction-writing pals contacted me privately and expressed alarm.

Which is really wonderful of them.

And that’s probably why need communities like this, to keep you going when you start to flag. Business and art have such different goals, such different ways of operating that, for some of us, it’s difficult to do both well. I recently read that Jennifer Marks, who does that great song “Live,” (thanks to Kev for sending it to me) retired after her first music tour and is sticking to songwriting. Actually it’s in one of the comments on that video. We all make choices, and some prioritize quality of life.

So, all I’m saying is, I’m trying to back off the rabid biz aspects. I’ve unfollowed a number of agents, or stopped reading their blogs, because the snark makes me unhappy.

I’m a sensitive soul, you know.

But I also sent out a query last night to a friend’s agent. In putting it together, I realized how close I really am. Obisidian has finaled in four contests and won two. Three agents and two editors have read the full manuscript. And, as one of my writing buddies pointed out, I’m still working through the top echelons. I haven’t even gone to second tier yet.

What I did do was slow down.

That was needed — I had to do the Ruthless Revision. (Oops – I might have promised not to mention it again? Sorry!) And then with the waiting while people read it. Now I just need to ramp up keeping it out there. That’s not that hard to do.

Meanwhile, I get to do the fun part, too. The writing part.

That’s what’s in my heart, no matter the genre.

2 Replies to “Loving That Road Less Traveled!”

  1. I think you made a valid point in yesterday's point – that you don't fit neatly into anyone's box. And who'd want to? I mean, we all get into this business because we have stories to tell. The hope is that someone – an agent or editor – will see we don't fit neatly into a box tied up with a big red bow and take a chance on us. Becuase, if they didn't, where would JK Rowling or Dan Brown be?

    Just keep on keepig on, girlie. And keep writing what YOU want to write. My personal opinion is writing to the market will never work because the market is two years ahead of us.

  2. That's a really good point, Michelle. And, I think, what my mom was saying, too. We have to write what's in our hearts. The market will either find a place for us or not!

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