Simple Pleasures

Some complain that Teddy doesn’t get much press.

And it’s true, she gets much less attention, writing-wise, than Isabel. Lately. Teddy did get her own entire essay once, that was published in The Raven Chronicles, lo these many moons ago. I also notice that I don’t have a previous post label for Ted, so she is currently neglected.

It’s the price the low-maintenance cat pays.

Teddy just turned 16 and her favorite activity is sleeping. Sleeping in the sun. Sleeping on the dog bed. Sleeping between David and me at night.

But best of all is sleeping on the big blue exercise mat.

I don’t know what it is exactly she loves about it, but when David gets the mat out, Teddy beelines from wherever she is — and this is not a cat who beelines anywhere — to get on the big blue exercise mat. And love on it.

She rolls on it. She rubs her whiskers. She drools. She likes to gently bite the edge, but David stops her and makes her get off if she won’t quit. You can see here that she especially loves to rest her cheek on the velcro edge.

Teddy is a cat of simple pleasures. Isabel believes Teddy hung the moon, and it’s likely she did. Just to see how beautiful it looks, hanging in the sky.

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  1. Atalanta likes cuddling up on the cable box sitting high atop the TV. It's always toasty warm and she doesn't have to vie with the boys for the spot. And she can pretend that the family is sitting around staring at her the whole time some show is on.

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