First Cup of Coffee – March 9, 2022

Good morning everyone this is Jeffe Kennedy author of fantasy romance and romantic fantasy I kind of put a comma there I’m here with my first cup of coffee today is. A very special episode of first cup of coffee because today is Wednesday March Ninth my mother’s birthday woo everyone say happy birthday Kathy’s to big birthday. We’re not saying which one. Um. And I am not with her today but I thought I would do instead a special podcast for her today. Those of you who listen regularly know that my mother is the reason I keep doing this podcast All of you are wonderful. You’re all amazing I like doing the podcast. Ah, there’s a lot of good reasons to keep doing it but my mom is the one who keeps me going at it because she would pitch a fit if I stopped in fact, she hates that I skip Wednesdays on the podcast. I’m supposed to blog on Wednesdays and so I don’t do the podcast on Wednesdays I blog at sff seven and on my own website I crosspost and so when I text my mama good morning on Wednesdays she will often if not always comment. Ah. Howsat today is Wednesday no podcast who knew that this podcast would be my mother’s favorite thing in the world and yet it is I think she thinks of it is spying on my life as all good mothers. Love to do and my mother is a good mother. She is um, a wonderful mother I am very blessed to have in my mother someone who is also a friend and when I say we’ve been together all my life which we have but I think we are unusually close because. After my father died when I was 3 plane crash we it was just the 2 of us for a long time and she remarried when I was 7 but for those 4 years although she dated some here and there a merry widow. Not so Merry. There were a couple of pretty bad years but I was young to remember it but she eventually remarried because my mother is a very resilient person. In fact I think that part of my belief in love comes from my mother although she and I do not agree on romance novels I have gotten her to read some over time.

And she does read my books or she pretends to she buys them all and that’s what’s important she sent me a photo last week on the release of gray magic showing. Ah the arrival of the print copy and she has a shelf of my books and her. Library and the guest room and so my mother has always been tremendously. Supportive. She from my earliest days told me that I could do anything I wanted to do and even though at times I think it was difficult for a. Widowed single mother to be ah saddled with a precocious child who learned to read when I was 4 from sesame street. She sent me to school a year early so that somebody else could answer my questions. It was a great call. Um, yeah, we’ve we’ve been through a lot together. She was married to her second husband for almost thirty five years I think that’s right and was widowed a second time she is now buried for a third time to a wonderful man. And I think it is partly my mother’s belief in in love in happiness in making a good life that has really informed my own life. She is someone beloved by many friends. Ah, source of joy to all kinds of people. And though I think the things that she has gone through would have made a different person more bitter less happy. She has never let anything get her down she ah she goes on. She keeps. A beautiful house with lots of art and she enjoys going out to dinner and she enjoys having her cocktail every evening. Um, we sometimes text each other at five o’clock do you have your cocktail in hand and it’s It’s a celebratory wonderful part of the day. My mother’s very good at making everything into a celebration. So although she was very firm about not wanting to celebrate today. Big birthday. They come.

And we say it’s better than the alternative but you know sometimes those big birthdays hitch a hard right? So I respect them I respect that she did not want to celebrate on this particular day but we will celebrate at other times in other ways. So here is a special podcast just for you mom coming out to you with love and with wishes for many happy returns. Love you home Take care and Happy Birthday Bye bye.

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