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  1. Unless it has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, I don’t think it’s helpful to use porn as a learning tool of any kind. I had to actually pause the video so I could laugh. Hoo boy. The emotional connection between the involved parties is very important to me. I really dislike those sex scenes that get too detailed in whose body part goes where to the point it starts to sound like a game of twister. It kills the emotional aspect and turns it into a very confusing physical act with no intimacy.

    I didn’t realize In the Cut was directed by Jane Campion who also did The Piano. I loved that movie mostly for the music but it was very sensual too, being told from the woman’s perspective. To quote a reviewer on IMDB: “If you told me I would ever find Harvey Keitel sexy, I would have called you crazy…but ooh baby!”

    1. I totally agree – but I was willing to allow for the possibility that porn has changed… Seems unlikely.

      Oh, The Piano is amazing for the sexy, too! The way he touches the piano when he can’t touch her – mmmmm! Maybe I should go on a Jane Campion binge.

    1. oh yes, those are terrific sex scenes that are very much an outgrowth of character and their conflicts 🙂

  2. There is porn that is made for women. It tends to be a lot more sensual and actually have a plot and character relationships. Some Hentai (Japanese anime porn) is actually good, if you can ignore all the tentacles and things 😉

    On the flip side, I’ve read books written by women where the sex felt just as meaningless/gratuitous as most porn *shrug*

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