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  1. Oh dear, hope your face is ok. My signed copy of Dark Wizard arrived! Even my mom admired the cover, calling Lord Gabriel very handsome. 😀 She doesn’t read fantasy though.

    1. That’s lovely that your mom admired Gabriel and the cover 🙂 It really has nice depth in print, doesn’t it?

      Face is fine, but thank you!

  2. Thank Jackson for the extreme close-up. Sorry about the injury during his involuntary dismount. I winced in sympathy.

    I know a lot of authors write slowly and others very quickly. I would count you as one of the latter. But having the entire trilogy out in the same year seems fast enough to me. I think readers nowadays expect books quickly forgetting that it takes you longer to write them than it does for us to read them.

    Do you think it refreshes your mind to alternate between the two worlds? Nora always talks about how fun it is to return to the In Death world after she’s written a book in whatever her current trilogy is or the annual stand-alone. Nalini also talks a lot about how she’s eager to return to the Psy Changeling world or Guild Hunter world after she’s been away writing something else for a few months. Both feel it allows ideas to percolate in the back of their brains so they feel fresh when they return to writing in such long-running series.

    So while both Heirs of Magic and Bonds of Magic are both new and not long-running series (though obviously Heirs of Magic isn’t a totally new world) I’m curious if you feel the same way.

    1. Yes, it is a palate cleanser to alternate worlds! So that’s a compelling argument to do it that way. The simmering on the back burner aspect is critical, too. And writing in a totally new world is very different than writing in an established one. Works totally different mental muscles.

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