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  1. By the Sword was a great book – loved Kerowyn! Ravven does such beautiful covers. $3k is… oof. Something to think about. Though you do see it with indie comics too where creators sell the 1st chapter of a comic. It may look very promising but the 2nd chapter never materializes. It happens often. It makes sense that you need to write more to get the cash flowing in to get that first book out of the red.

    1. LOVED By the Sword! Kerowyn is amazing.

      You can obviously go cheaper than that, but that’s a good ballpark/ceiling.

  2. This was a great podcast! Super informative. Yay for Ravven! Their covers are so professional! $3k-4k is a lot, but you have to spend money to make money? And the above at the end about writing book two, I hear that a lot. Write, write and write. I appreciate hearing it here too.

  3. I am eagerly awaiting the third and hopefully-not-final book in Milla Vane’s A Gathering of Dragons series. Book 1 just edges the novella and book 2 as ny favorite because I loved Yvenne so much. I loved Lizzan and Mala too, but Yvenne wowed from the moment she appeared.

    Just FYI, the books covers weren’t backwards for us on the video. Most punny titles are a miss for me too, but occasionally there is a cute one I like.

    Ravven does some truly gorgeous covers. I would have thought ypu were paying much more.

    I got my first Covid shot today. A scheduling snafu had left most of the appointments open at a building the health department has set up to give vaccines. So I was very happy not to have to wait for an opening at one of the pharmacies near me.

    1. Oh, that’s interesting on the covers. Good to know!

      Ravven is incredible, and she may charge more for new clients, though I hear she’s not taking many.

      That’s great news! So good to hear that they filled those empty seats.

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