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  1. Outside! Yay. If you want to wear your sunglasses you should. It can add to your mystique like your hats. I wear sunglasses outside all the time unless it’s really overcast or dark. I don’t know if that’s due to wearing contacts for a few decades or if my eyes are just sensitive.

    1. I’m a contact lens wearer too! I just thought it might look weird on the video… The light wasn’t bothering me – it was a vanity thing that I was squinching 😀

  2. That is a very blue sky! I’m jealous lol!

    Those rates seem very reasonable actually, especially if they know all the rules for the different formats. Book covers seem to range from ~$100 for a pre-made cover to ~$600 for a custom cover. I sort of feel like after you spend a hefty chunk of change on a fancy custom cover, the formatting is just a drop in the bucket at that point. Though I don’t know how many copies you’d need to sell just to break even on the costs. But getting your money back after buying a Mac and Vellum and learning to format it yourself… Yeah, I’d pay the $115 at that point too.

    1. You also have to figure in the value of your time and I figure mine is better spent writing or on other related tasks that only I can do, like social media. I typically spend $425 on my covers and proofreading depends on wordcount, but averages ~$700. So for a $4.99 book, that’s about 350 copies, rounded up. If I’m doing things right, I can sell at least that many copies on release day, but for someone still establishing their platform, it can take longer. Also, a newbie writer will want to invest in content and copy editing, too, possibly also line editing. It’s an investment! But, I totally agree that the formatting is a small piece of that pie.

  3. Thank you for bringing your interaction to a human level with your pod cast and now video. I sure try not to read those big name authors because the book costs are unreasonable because that feel they have made it and want to stick it to people. I rather read people with unique following. I can buy 3 books to the cost of those other “elite” authors and discover different styles of writing. I do consider you a true elite author because you remember to be human and decent to the world. 😊

    1. Oh, wow – thank you for such kind words! I have to say that not all authors can control the price of their books. Still, I very much appreciate that you call me human and decent. <3

  4. Gary used to be a mac-head, but I converted him 😉

    There’s a weird elitism with the Apple crowd; iphone users are often just as bad as mac users. I’ve never understood their eagerness to spend more money for inferior and non-customizable products. Did you hear about the website who would raise the prices on their products when the user was browsing with an Apple product?

    I appreciate that you still publish your books in physical form instead of just ebooks!

    1. You are a force for good! I agree on the weird elitism – and yes! I read about the price thing. Figures!

      And Carien would desert me if I stopped making print versions to 😀

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