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  1. I remember being somewhat reluctant to read the second book, too, but you’d already given it to me (good marketing, that, haha). But, I thought you did a really great job of making her like-able and compelling, in fact that was one of the things that really impressed me about your writing ability early on. I mean, anyone could have made the girl who loves her horse and hates politics, etc. into a story that *I* would enjoy, but to make me also like Ami took real skill.

    So maybe the real fail was in how it was marketed? I dunno… I’m looking at the blurb on amazon and I’m not sure it does a good job of highlighting the more compelling aspects. Also, for a romance, it doesn’t even mention the monk.

    This is my 5-minute attempt:

    “Ami thought she’d reached her happily after, only to have her rose-colored glassed shattered by the death of her husband and a war that pits her two beloved sisters against her. Pregnant with twins and desperate, she retreats to the (something menacing to describe the keep). But even there, the political machinations of a tyrannical father and a creepy father-in-law use her like a pawn.

    Her only ally might be a silent monk whose scars run even deeper than they appear. Together, they must overcome despair, kidnappings, and deadly plots. Can Ami find the strength to become a true queen, even if it means giving up her own chance for true happiness?”

    Anyways, I’m glad you write what you want to (since I enjoy reading it), and hope that one day it will give you the success you deserve.

    1. I *love* this blurb!! If I ever get the rights back for these books, I’m totally using that (Or a tweaked version…) 😀 A lot of people didn’t love the cover, too, and thought it really missed the mark on communicating genre.

      And thank you – that means so much to hear!

      To be fair, I’ve enjoyed a wonderful amount of success, for which I have to remember to be grateful. Another push/pull: between appreciating what I have and nurturing ambitions for more!

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