6 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – August 3, 2020”

  1. poor kitty 🙁 *fingers crossed*

    fwiw, I’d never heard of the term “mastermind” before (in this context), but it sounds really interesting (I am aware of several groups of authors that function like one, but I always believed that they formed organically)

    wow, that sucks to be ripped off/copied like that! 🙁

    1. Some groups like that form organically, but many are deliberate.

      And Isabel is good! I’ll report on my 8/6 podcast 🙂

      It does suck. Nothing I can do but be annoyed, alas.

  2. Thanks for the explanation. I knew the term, but only from Leslye’s podcast. Psyched for her interview tomorrow. I just started Song of Blood & Stone and am excited to read this series. (I put off starting it since book 2 apparently has a cliffhanger ending and I want to be able to jump right to the next book so the only way was to delay reading them all until closer to book 3’s release date). I want to say thanks to you again as I started listening to her podcast back when you first mentioned it. So yay new autobuy author!

    Sorry about the author copying your plots. That does suck.

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