6 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – April 14, 2020”

  1. As much as I want the spin-off stories, I would understand if you didn’t write them from a business standpoint. I’d be sad, but would console myself with the new worlds you create.

    But definitely count me down in the “not being pushy because I knew you were working on The Promised Queen” when it comes to the Lost Princess Returns novella. I NEED it. *

    *yes I will survive without it, but I really, really, really want it. *stompsfootindiehardtwelvekingdomsunchartedrealmsfashion*

  2. Why are you living somewhere that has SNOW IN APRIL??? AUGH!

    *I’m* in desperate need of reading the lost princess returns and takes over/fixes Dasnaria. I would love all the other second-gen stories you mentioned, but I *need* to see the Dasnarian take-over!

    Also, I cried when the brother and sister finally got to see each other again. That was my favorite moment in Fate of the Tala (which I loved, of course, but that was oddly the moment I was most looking forward to).

    That said, I’m certainly willing to wait until it’s a convenient time+motivation for you to write it. But, I do want/need it, so you know…

    1. Great to know! And you were not alone on that one. Sometimes I think I could’ve just written that reunion and everyone would’ve been happy. (Not really)

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