4 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – April 13, 2020”

  1. I would have thrown that book against the wall. Which would have caused issues since I read digitally for the most part.

    Prologues are like anything else in fiction, great when they are well done and necessary, and not-so-good if overly info dumpy or not well written. But I will never understand readers who simply ignore/skip them.

    On another note, the Pride & Prejudice musical will be available to rent on Amazon soon. Musically it was all over the map and didn’t stick to one tone* which was jarring at times. I also thought some of the characters were miscast. But after a rocky start, I found much of it quite enchanting and well worth the watch.

    *probably not the right term, the songs were a broad mix of musical styles which didn’t always gel.

  2. The obnoxious male (because it’s always male, isn’t it?) insisting that something “is so good, everyone will see its genius” because it’s what *they* like and inability to grasp that other people might like *different* things is so tiresome.

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