THE FATE OF THE TALA Not Yet – But Close!

This is the time of year when kitties display their cunning in knowing when and where the rising sun will hit – and their wisdom in knowing to be ready for it. Also: tongue baths and sunbaths go together. Jackson, cat guru, at your service.

So, today is January 15, 2020. But no, it is not the release day for THE FATE OF THE TALA.

For those who don’t follow the podcast, I can officially announce that THE FATE OF THE TALA is done, done, done!! It came out at just shy of 109K and is in the hands of my fantastic editor, Rebecca Cremonese. I told her not to bitch at me about how long it is; she said not to bitch at her about how long it takes. So we’ll see. As soon as I get her edits, I should be able to turn that around and get it formatted within a couple of days. I’m hoping to get it uploaded and on sale the last week of January.

And wow: that book was a difficult write. Some books go slower than others, and that one was determined to unspool at its own pace. With a Prince

It’s not just me, either, because I’ve switched over to moving some other projects forward and those are speeding right along. One thing I’ve noticed – in trying to figure out why my overall wordcount production has dropped – is that some genres also write faster for me

than others. I could see from my handy charts that 2014 and 2015 were my highest wordcount years. I went to writing full time at the end of 2015, so this was NOT the trend I expected. What I’ve realized, however – and what the chart doesn’t show – is that I also moved to writing a LOT more fantasy, and much denser fantasy, and pretty much stopped writing any erotic/contemporary. The closest I came was writing books two and three of the Missed Connections series, WITH A PRINCE and SINCE LAST CHRISTMAS, in 2017 – and, notably, 2017 was my third-highest wordcount year. It’s anecdotal data, but the correlation is enough to satisfy me.

I’d forgotten that I used to alternate writing Fantasy stories with Erotic/Contemporary ones. And that worked for me. Many of you know I hadn’t finished the last two books I’d planned for the Missed Connections series because they just weren’t selling as well as the Fantasies. But, heck, even books that don’t sell amazingly well are better than books I haven’t written! Besides which, some of my other erotic stuff – PETALS & THORNS, the Falling Under series, and the Facets of Passion books – have all continued to sell steadily. Clearly writing those has served to keep my words flowing all around.

Also, the Missed Connections books have very nearly earned out my investment – I’m only about $500 in the hole on the three books so far – so those of you waiting for Julie and Ice’s stories may yet be in luck! Also, I think I’ll write more short erotic stuff, if only as a palate cleanser. Dark Wizard, anyone? You know I’ve been stewing over that one for a long time.

For the sharp-eyed among you who noticed that 2019 was the lowest wordcount year since I began tracking (*sigh*), I attribute that mainly to taking off most of July and all of August from writing – the longest break I’ve taken in ten years! Also, everything I did write was Fantasy, one project worked up an entirely new world in a new-to-me genre, and one was the very slow moving THE FATE OF THE TALA. So it goes.

Now, off to write something erotic… ~rubs hands together in glee~

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    1. Oh, thank you! I don’t always recognize that because I try to keep my comparisons to my own output – not compare myself to others 🙂

  1. Missed Connections!!! I’ve been reading (and loving) all of your fantasy books/series for some time now and finally decided to dig in to your contemporary romances. First download – the 3 book collection of Missed Connections, which I just fished today. I loved the books! I’ve always loved the worlds you have built and the interesting characters you have developed, so I was thrilled when I was drawn into your books with familiar settings (especially Chicago, where I lived for 5 years). From what I’ve read, not many authors can successfully write in both genres, and I hope more of your fantasy readers will discover your contemporary work.

    So, back to Missed Connections, which I finished about 30 minutes ago. I went immediately to download the next 2 books in the series. I’m dying to really get to know Julie and I’m truly intrigued by Ice, so I was disappointed that their books weren’t available. When I noticed the 2017 publication date and panicked that I would never learn the fates of the Fabulous Five. Then I felt some promise when I found this recent blog post.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have some fans who have fallen in love with these women, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you will pick up their stories in the near future. In the meantime I will definitely dive into your other contemporary books. <3

    1. I’m so glad you loved my Missed Connections books! And yes… I totally have books planned for Julie and Ice. I’m still in the hole financially on putting out those first three books, BUT I’m getting close to being in the black. I’ve considered doing some sort of kickstarter to finish the series. Hearing from readers like you *definitely* gives me incentive. Also – I rarely ask for this – but rating, reviewing, and talking up these books would really help, too. If I can get the series so it’s not a losing proposition for me, I’d love to finish it!

  2. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have some fans who have fallen in love with these women, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you will pick up their stories in the near future. In the meantime I will definitely dive into your other contemporary books. <3

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