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  1. Why would you skip prologues?

    Not all books need them, obviously, but when they are there they are there for a reason.

    Earlier this year Nalini mentioned that a reader was complaining about not understanding what was going on in Slave to Sensation (the first Psy/Changeling book). The bookseller asked if they had read the one-page prologue and they replied they didn’t read prologues. It’s hard to have sympathy for their confusion when they don’t read the information provided to them.

    I just… I do not understand why people wouldn’t read them. Especially when starting a new-to-you series.

    The one in The Orchid Throne did a good job of setting the tone as well as providing needed information. So I am with Editor Jennie.

    1. That’s great to hear! Editor Jennie is insightful and wise. I should never doubt. 🙂

      And… I really only skip bad prologues. Or the ones that take place like 20 or 30 years previous to the storyline, mostly because I get all invested in THAT event/characters and then we leave them there, stranded in the past. But I admit I sometimes go back and read the prologue later in the story, if I feel I was missing information. I sure would never have the balls to complain about a story not making sense if I never read the prologue!

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