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  1. Happy anniversary! I, too, just recently picked up the first 2 murderbot books and am looking forward to reading them. I do love hearing about the writing process. How the sausage gets made, so to speak. Because with a book, a painting, or a movie, you get the shiny finished product but the process of how you got there, what worked and what didn’t has value to me. We are our own worst critics and when we see someone else’s polished masterpiece, it’s good to remember they poured a lot of sweat, blood, and tears into it.

    Though regarding talking about diet, etc. I’ll admit it’s something I don’t really care for. I follow a lot of women authors on social media and I feel like diet and weight loss are topics that come up frequently. I think for some people there is value to that (see my words above on creating) but given how women are so conditioned by society and media to be obsessed about these things, I really wish we wouldn’t. It’s the same deal at the office. My co-workers keep talking about losing 20 pounds. My boss calls herself fat and foists the sweets on me. I pointed out to her that weight and morality have nothing to do with each other. BUT! It’s your website/podcast and you can certainly talk about whatever you wish. I’ll keep listening. 🙂

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