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  1. How could anyone not love Ursula & Harlan? Oh well, they don’t know what they’re missing. (Yes I am totally biased as they are my favorite.)

    I dislike when authors revise their already published books. In addition to what you were talking about, with digital books this also seems to happen a lot when authors self-publish older stories that were originally in print. Yes, some of the characters’ attitudes were dated and the technology often is as well. But going through and changing references to cassette tapes and records or even CDs to MP3s and streaming to make a story more “modern” has a ripple effect. Especially when the plot depended upon the fact the hero couldn’t just call the heroine at some point because cell phones were not prevalent when the book was originally published or the conman villain was able to impersonate the hero’s business acquaintance because you couldn’t Google people… *sigh* it just doesn’t work.

    Also, when an author proudly announces their book has been “updated and revised” it can feel like a slap in the face to readers who loved the book as it was originally published.

    1. Right??? INCONCEIVABLE! LOL

      I know so much what you mean about the updating for technology. Like a POV change, small “tweaks” like this can ripple through the story, exactly how you explain. I absolutely agree about the slap in the face. Leave the book as it was created to be. Write something NEW.

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