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  1. Young love is mostly a big mess because of all the hormones and not being able to oversee the situation. Maybe some people are lucky enough to immediately find someone they click with and they stay together, but mostly young love is about m’n asking mistakes and learning what you actually want. I can tell you I hope I’ll never run into my first few ‘loves’ ever again. But then I’m the ‘burn that bridge and salt the earth just to be sure’ kind of person.

  2. I think most authors who mention writing since they were a kid, mean it in a much different way than just doing whatever was assigned. I personally have very strong memories of deciding I wanted to be a writer in first grade, and I had a teacher that supported me and so I ended up writing stories and making “books” out of them with construction paper and putting them on the classroom bookshelf. Those were not things anyone else in my class did. My identity as wanting-to-be-a-writer was forged that year and continued through high school, with my parents even buying me adult courses on “how to be a writer” that I worked on in the summers in middle school. Then I put that dream on hold, for reasons, and so, even now, there is a great deal of regret associated with those memories, and the feeling that I shouldn’t have given up on that dream. I think that perhaps childhood romances are similar. If you had someone who as a child you seemed to mesh with perfectly and you never actually dated them, or tried briefly but it didn’t work out for reasons that would no longer apply, you might have a lot of regret and nostalgia over that relationship. I greatly prefer friends-to-lovers over love-at-first-sight, so the return to childhood friends/sweethearts works well for me.

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